Tiago started his career 15 years ago, as manager and music director in the best clubs in Porto, always promoting and pushing the upcoming fresh, national and international, artists. He jumped to the booth around the year 1998, but took it more seriously like 10 years ago, when begun to be requested for the best portuguese clubs.
Next step, and the most important one, was the professional connection with his “old” friend Alain Ho, also known as Dj Yellow, when the idea of working together as Mindz Kontrol Ultra came up. This fusion with his number one reference in music, helped push things in a deeper, minimal and stripped back classic house direction in a proper clubbing way.
Composite Records was next! Alain and Tiago’s young label, Composite Records, became the platform of their work and where you can find the fusion of the experience and knowledge like King Britt, Dubfire or Djul’z, with the fresh blood, full of healthy irreverence as Till Von Sein, Varoslav, James Teej, Daniel Kyo, Simon Garcia or Alex James. After the first release at Dieb Audio, Tiago released (also as MKU) his next 3 Eps at Composite, but soon capture the attention of other labels like Ovum Recordings, Freerange Records and Plastic City (album). In that hot summer of 2009, he got “Fubu” from his 4 released, featured at the 10 Years Cocoon Ibiza compilation, for Cocoon Records, by invitation of Locodice, “Sleep with me” (Josh Wink Edit) at Space Ibiza Compilation for Cr2 Records and “Space soon to vanish” for Global Underground, just to name a few.
End of September 2010 is time to receive Tiago’s solo debut Ep “Face” (Composite), with remixes of My Favorite Robot and Michael J Collins, greatly supported by James Teej, Manik, Art Department, Phonogenic, Till Von Sein, Roland Appel, Roberto Rodriguez and many others…
Tiago’s second solo work called “Lovefool”, alongside Tracey K with remixes of Alain Ho and Jay Shepheard comes around June, ready to be one of summer anthems, and reaching 40th position at Beatport’s Deep House 100 Chart. A couple of months later and his last release, “Special”, a track build with Dj Yellow and vocals by Tracey K, featured at Composite’s VA Compilation, got huge support around the world as Maya Jane Coles, Steve Bug, Cera Alba, Guy J, Chez Damier among many others and reaching top 13 of Beatport’s Deep House Chart.

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What have you been up to lately?
Right now I’m concluding an original theme for a compilation of several works from Portuguese artists that will be edited soon by Dead Motion Records. It’s the first time I edit for a national label and I decided to do it because, besides its excellent route, I fell close to it since their embryonic stage, since I was involved in the creation of their brand identity.  Besides production I’ve been all across the country and I’m able to say that 2015 will be a good year for our colors.

Tell us about your latest  release.
Kasper Bjørke was one of the enthusiasts about my performance for the ‘No One Gets Left Behind’ theme by Dj Yellow and the Flowers and Sea Creatures, by Compost Records. That’s how the invitation to remix the second single ‘Sylvia’, from his album ‘After Forever’ came up. An enormous challenge and responsibility that made me grow as a producer and take a few more steps forward. His acceptance and support from some relevant artists, also gave me more confidence to take on news and important challenges.

Tell us about the creative process of your  latest project.
The original Kasper Bjørke theme ‘Sylvia’ has a strong influence from the 80’s pop, whether it’s from CTM vocal that recalls Sade, or even by  the ‘pads’, ‘basslines’ ou ‘drums’. Finding the perfect elements to dress it right for the “dancefloors” was my main focus, but always regarding the original idea and story.  I created a “dreamy” and mental setting so that the original “bassline” and the Vocal could have the emphasis it deserved. I was very pleased with the end result.

What inspires you?
A movie, a book, a photograph, a city, the fog. Whether it’s a classical music, techno, rock or hip hop theme. Basically anywhere I find my own esthetic and I see I can construct another story that it’s closer to my world.

Your favorite place to perform?
There are two stages that still make me anxious before any performance, Gare Porto and Neopop Electronic Music Festival.  They force me to be surprising and give a bit more than my best  and that just makes me grow and learn.  Then there are other places and crowds like in Tripvision, em Celorico de Basto, that are magic.

Future plans?
My goal for 2015 is to have a solid calendar, find news “underground” movements and contribute to them and to be able to have time to finish some themes that are in their final stage. I recently received an invitation from Hot Since 82 to be a part of their ‘label’s’ Knee Deep in Sound, artist list, so that is one my focus points for this year, as well.