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As  Dj and  Producer  he is one of the most remarkable artists of his country. Unless Records founder, Frank  Maurel has developed an active and important role in the cultural growth of dance music in Portugal, being awarded the 2010 Career Award MMC.

Starts Dj at age 15 in Club Europe, at age 20 he become resident DJ in the best club of the 90s, the Rock’s. Quickly became one of the most respected  DJs Portuguese  .
For more than a decade that his work discographic moves without stops. Began in Kaos Records, through Shaboom Rec, Loaded, Skint, Twisted, Subliminal / Sondos (3 records deal: “Turn It Up” (Uk Dj Mag charted hype!) Distraekt, Tao, and Harlem Rec, Inversus up the birth of Lajja Rec.

Since 2006 he also edited several discs in Stereo Rec, Session Trax Japan, Kult Rec, TKC Music, Mile End Rec, Nervous Rec, until the UNLESS RECORDS his own label.
All of his work has been crowned with numerous performances at festivals like Street Parade Zurich (Switzerland), Festa das Marés (Portugal), Dance In Douro (Portugal), Dance Festival Mazatlan (Mexico), CBT Dance Festival (Portugal), Optimus Hype (Portugal) Elektro Parade (Portugal), MMC Festival (Portugal), NeoPop Festival (Portugal), Azurara Beach Party (Portugal)

Also in clubs like El Cielo, Pacha (New York), Grand (Connecticut), Space, Clevelander Hotel, Cameo & Dek23 (Miami), Case Club Heaven & Club (Brazil), Womb (Tokyo), Exit Club & Gravity (Lithuania ), Kubik & City Hall (Barcelona) & Deep, Capital (Madrid), KM Club (Benidorm), Bauhaus, Vademecwm, El Manco (Vigo), Le Club (Corunna), Wan-Na (Istanbul), Rex, Queen, Gibus, Folie’s Pigalle (Paris), Ninkasi Kao (Lyon) & Red Light (France), Miro Club (Italy) and Mad, Moa Club, Club Ho (Switzerland), Elinga (Angola), (Foetz, Luxembourg)

In Portugal, as passed by the best clubs, Rock’s Swing, Industria, Locomia, Sound Planet, Mau Mau, Pacha Ofir, Vespas, Kremlin, Paradise Garage, Pedra do Couto, Company, Capítulo V, Vaticano, Lagar’s, Industry Cerveira , Buddha Club, NB Viseu, Andromeda, Lottus After-Hours, Autarquia, Prozak, Hit Club, Twins Praia, Gare Club, Pitch Club and many others.

As  Dj and  Producer  he is one of the most remarkable artists of his country. Unless Records founder, Frank  Maurel has developed an active and important role in the cultural growth of dance music in Portugal, being awarded the 2010 Career Award MMC.

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What have you been up to lately?
Lately I have been doing a lot of music in the studio and I keep playing as a Dj in Portugal and internationally.

Tell us about your latest release. 
It was released in July 2014 in my label, Unless Records, in digital format. In this Ep you can find 3 themes with a deep sound, tech house and techno. The result was really good as many people played the tracks and the feedback was great.

Tell us about the creative process of your latest project.
We should have imagination about the objectivity of the themes that we are going to do. Any time that I start a track I already know which should be the way! The sequence of the music goes at the time of your feeling.

What can we expect from you in the coming years?
Always truthful to myself! Continue to work in music production and do what I like most – Play good music and make people dance!

Which music would you take to “that” desert island?
Street Corner Symphony – Open 012. 19

What are your references?
Dj Harvey, Dj Sneak, Ricardo Vilalobos, DubFire, Laurent Garnier, Marco Carola, Ritchi Hawtin.

Why did you decide to change the school for music?
Because that´s really what I wanted to do throughout my life! Play music! I never imagined that I could achieve this level.
I choose to be a Dj because that makes me really happy and I enjoy what I do!

What inspires you?
People, friends, clubs and the night itself Inspire me… it’s so much that’s difficult to sum up! I think since I wake up until I lie down I absorb sounds and then I just have to put them together!

Your favorite place to perform?
It’s too difficult to say which is the best in this country or in any other. I feel different emotions in all of them, Each country has it’s own way of experiencing music and mainly depends on the culture!

Your thoughts about your personal choices for this set?
An underground set that shows what I do best. I will use effects and I´ll be mixing with tractor and vinyl. The trip goes from Deep, through Tech house into techno.

Future Plans?
Production will always be my goal and keep alive my label Unless Records. Several of my tracks will come out soon by labels such as Session trax, Spark, Unless Records and much more… I am resident in NeoPop festival. I’m still working with Raul Duro whom I thank because we make a good team,and apart from manager he’s a friend.