The electronic dance music scene produces a flood of talent by the day, by the hour, or even by the minute, but few of these individuals shine through with a strong body of music quality like Fauvrelle. Read more



What have you been up to lately?
I’ve been listening to a lot of music and it’s countless hours of streams and vinyl…
The best of all is that I feel 2015 will be a good year in the studio. I think this is the way it goes with art, you look around, feel the good vibes and you get inspired.

digital or analog?
My idea is to use the best of both worlds. I like traktor’s flexibility when it comes to managing contents, being creative in mixing with effects and create unique moments through loops. As for the analog world… nothing compares to an Urei, Bozak, Rane or Allen&Heath mixing table, and some of the mentioned don’t even have equalizers.

Your thoughts about your personal choices for this dj set?
I’ve been recording some podcasts and in most of them I’ve been trying to give an impression of the dance floor, which I think it works well since a great part of the audience wants to re-listen to the most important tracks of the night. For this one I tried something more intimate and finally use some of the tracks that I buy but rarely get to play.

What inspires you?
The will to create the perfect set or track.

Sunset, night or sunrise?
All of them!!! I’m truly in love with the various styles within electronic music and each moment has it’s soundtrack.