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Bikas is one of the most respected Oporto djs, His unique style and the way he perceives the dance floor takes him frequently to the best spots in town and all over the country. Read more



What’s your ideal party?
About 150 people by the morning in a space the size of a living room in some european location.

Which tech rider have you been using lately?
At the moment I´m using 1 mixing table and 2 cd players, If there´s A turntable I might use it with some vinyLS from my collection.

Your thoughts about your personal choices for this dj set?
Just a random selection from the work of some labels and artists I’ve been following and appreciating for quite a while.

What was the turning point when you eventually realized you’d be involved with dance music?
Somewhere around the late 90´s when I first heard Jeff Mills Tape – the Liquid Room,
Tokyo, 1995.

Future Plans?
I’m committed to Strings, where I’m proudly a co-founder. I’m also always improving myself as a dj and I’m taking the first steps production wise.