Legend has it that young Bernardo was already named Bikas way before he was even born but you had to wait close to 2 decades to find him at Discomundo, later called Vinyl Market, digging the dirt and trying to unveil the most fresh records and the all time greats to.

We were at the dawn of the new millennium, and the scene around dance music in his birth city, Oporto, perspired true vitality. Teaming up with his friend and also record dealer Serginho they created Low Level Crooks and Bikas started figuring locally in some of the best underground clubs propaganda. His acclaimed eclecticism and praised musical knowledge have granted him a blooming success in recent years most of it coming from his distinguished, recognized and almost mythic performances in Lottus that many times end up with him performing in b2b mode alongside some of his musical and djing influences such as Fauvrelle, Frank Maurel, Rui Vargas or Zé Salvador.

Bikas latest project comes in a form of a label, its called Strings, and has really exquiste and exciting tunes coming up on “vinyl only” pretty soon. Meanwhile you can find him in his very own uncompromising attitude and always mindful of all the music that surrounds him. The exact same music that ignites the dance floor and the exact same pleasure of the very 1st day.


1x Pioneer DJM 800 / XONE 92
2x Pioneer CDJ 800 / 1000
1x Monitor 100db